MELLANO - BLACK 2012 small DSCF1541 MD - creditMELLANO_OPERA_SEVRETTE_wordpress_50

Portrait by © Richrd Dumas. Falling letters by © Jerome Sevrette.

How We Collide – Olivier Mellano guitar, loops, samples with Black Sifichi on vocals and FX. A declinisation of the majestic orchestration of the trilogy:

« How We Tried to Find a New Combination of Notes… » (Naive Classique  3xCD box set)

This concert was originally performed in three parts at the Opera in Rennes with the Orchestra of Bretagne and soprano Valerie Gabail (part 1 orchestral version), Pink Iced Cube (part 2 for 12 electric guitars, bass and drums), and Part 3 – (electro/hip-hop) with MC Dalek, Arm, Black Sifichi and Olivier Mellano over three nights in 2012 for the Transmusicales festival. Since then Olivier and I have put together a duo : guitar and vocal version of the work.

A Podcast sur France Musique of a 20 minute compressed version of our live can be listened to here.